STUDIO_CUBE: Open Call for Hunter College’s MFA Open Studios


For November 19th and 20th Open Studios ACE Curatorial Collective has proposed STUDIO_CUBE.

What is ACE Curatorial Collective?

We are small group of MFA and MA students who come together to put on short-run experimental exhibitions in the galleries at Hunter.

Who are you guys?

This semester’s roster of ACE members are Danyel Ferrari, Sophia Lucas, Cate Alsop, Valentina Spalten, Ross McDonnell, and Nickolas Roudane.

What is STUDIO_CUBE and where will it be?

Inspired in part by Brian O’Doherty’s book, Studio and Cube, and the development of crossover spaces such as Recess Project Space. STUDIO_CUBE will be an open call exhibition for Hunter MFA’s that focuses on objects, texts, drawings and other works and supporting materials that the artist may not otherwise think about putting on display but consider essential to their practice: books, scribbles, sketchbooks, records, poetry, found objects. It’s wide open.

What we envision:

The idea is to casually install these works, anonymously if you choose, in a designated 4th floor crit space. There will be comfortable seating and visitors who come for Open Studios to see into another dimension of studio practice, usually edited out of more formal presentations.

How do I submit?


If you are interested in lending an object/text/image etc. for this two-day exhibition, please send us 1-3 images and your ideas along with:

1.Your name

2.Studio number

3.Phone number

4.Time you could be available for one of us to stop by your studio.

More information about ACE:



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