August Windows Leubsdorf Gallery

ACE presents HxWxDxTx2

The window as a display space maintains its allure by presenting many paradoxes: with its receding space it invites entrance, yet its flatness, and inaccessibility make this impossible. As a site of commerce it exists to present finished objects of production for consumption, and yet the shadow of remove imparted by the glass inspires feelings of unfulfilled desire– the viewer is asked to imagine themselves in relation to the object, wherein the fully rendered commodity is unfinished until held, worn, and purchased. In the spirit of the storefront window interstice, ACE has invited artists whose work considers process, questions completion and hinges upon contingency to activate the Hunter Leubsdorf Gallery Windows.

HxWxDxTx2 will consist of two projects which display the making of objects and actions in process, where the characteristics of the window are subverted. Here, the incompletion of the object is revealed and presented, rather than hidden behind the polish of the highly designed window set. Moreover, the inhabitable potential of the space is emphasized, and yet entrance into this platform-cum-construction site is more discouraged in the viewer. Each project will take place over the course of two weeks, during which the artists will work on their respective installations at intervals, framing artistic practice as a product, and imparting a confounding sense of voyeurism upon the viewer.

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